Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness

Gulaga Mountain on the splendid South Coast of NSW has sacred significance, dating back tens of thousands of years, for the Yuin Aboriginal community. You’ll experience a traditional ceremony and listen to Dreaming stories on the Gulaga Creation Tour.

Led by Aboriginal guides, the two-night tour includes the traditional ceremony, yidaki and yarning circles, walking Gulaga Mountain and all meals. Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness, an Aboriginal owned and operated initiative, established the tour.

Overnight accommodation is at the Island View Resort Narooma. Tours depart on set weekends throughout the year, starting on Friday evening and concluding on Sunday morning. Exclusive group departures can be tailored on request.

From Sydney, the enjoyable drive to Narooma is five hours. Bus companies also stop in Narooma. You can fly with Rex Regional Express from Sydney Airport to Moruya Airport, where you can rent a car for the 40 minutes’ drive to Narooma.